Our Guarantees

At Ken Haycock and Associates Inc. we guarantee that: 

  • We will advise you of any potential conflicts of interest before undertaking an assignment;
  • We will accept contracts only where your requirements are well defined and understood;
  • We will ensure confidentiality of your information, plans and intellectual assets;
  • We will treat all staff with courtesy and respect;
  • We will ensure prompt, regular and complete communication with our designated contact(s) throughout the process and will advise them in a timely and constructive manner;
  • We will restrict all personal information, including assessments, to the client;
  • We will not contact external individuals without your permission;
  • We will make recommendations based only on research, evidence or commonly accepted best practices;
  • We will seek your specific authorization before any publication of any work that would identify individuals or specific organizations.

Final payment of any contract is contingent on the completion of the deliverables to the satisfaction of the client, in accordance with the stated requirements.