Advocacy and Influence

A team of researchers from three countries is examining how elected politicians and their senior administrators make decisions about funding and policy. We started looking at the effectiveness of advocacy for libraries and soon realized that our examination was backwards—we should look at why and how decisions are made and then match advocacy efforts to […]

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Boris Epstein is the CEO and Founder of BINC, a Professional Search Firm that specializes in the Software Marketplace. Boris shares his thoughts about the recruitment industry, job hunting and career advice at According to Epstein, if all else were equal, like education, work history and general skill set, and he had to evaluate […]

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Gaining Commitment; Exerting Influence

At a recent day devoted to directors, I had the opportunity to work with Jane Dysart and Rebecca Jones (

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Maximize the Potential of Your Public Library

You may be aware of this new report, but if not: The International City/County Management Association has released their study Maximize the Potential of Your Public Library. Their general recommendations are quite good. Here is the description: Learn how public libraries can help local governments tackle critical community priorities such as economic development, public safety, […]

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Governing: Connecting Leaders

If you are not subscribing to Governing, you are simply not keeping up with your political environment and the problems and solutions being discussed by local and provincial/state politicians and senior administrators. The current issues and innovations covered provide much to think about as well as a broadening network. For the past 20+ years, Governing, […]

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Authentic Leadership Resources

These presentations are now available on authentic leadership, with more to come. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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Authentic Governance Resources

We have now completed seven presentations on authentic governance. These will continue to be improved and more resources added as we move forward. In the meantime we welcome your comments and suggestions.

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Making It Happen: Getting Things Done

Last month I had the pleasure of participating in an Education Institute program with Jane Dysart. Jane coordinates the audio-conference series Conversations with Leaders. The focus of our session was on Making It Happen: Getting Things Done.

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Strengths Based Leadership

My colleague Sarah Long introduced me to Now, discover your strengths years before it became a bestseller on the Management and Leadership lists. Essentially, the Gallup organization found that most of us are able to document our education, experiences and accomplishments but few of us are able to articulate our strengths. Gallup reports that people […]

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