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Is the Service Model Dead?

We have all heard those dreadful terms – information waitress, ancillary staff, auxiliary staff, support staff – used to describe librarians in their service roles. It became evident thirty years ago from much evidence that the service model should be dead in schools. Support and assistance were helpful only insofar as they enabled equal partnerships. […]

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Is There a Library Ecology

I would like to think that there is a library ecology. Well, let’s talk about the blather. We say there is an information ecology. A library ecology. We are only as strong as each other. We share. We value open access and shared resources. Blah, blah, blah… Then we watched as school libraries closed. No […]

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Three Major Misperceptions About Our Future…

In a recent editorial, Rick Anderson stated the rather obvious about a “crisis” in research librarianship. Or so I thought… (See his editorial here) He said: Perception matters more than reality. May I add that this is especially true when assessing our utility and future prospects. But is this news to anyone? Patrons generally do […]

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