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What is Your Brand?

There are many ways of looking at your brand, from an identifiable term, logo or phrase to a specific feature that makes you unique from others. At the recent Future of Libraries institute http://www.thefutureoflibraries.org/, leading directors discussed their unique value proposition in a community or academy (beyond pandering, glad tidings and clichés) and their “brand”. […]

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What Can A Library Do?

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with Dan Rasmus on uncertainty and the future(s) of libraries. Picking up on a question he posed, and reframing it somewhat, I would ask that we consider these questions (an interesting exercise for senior staff perhaps). If I was a mayor or city manager, or […]

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Future of Libraries Issues

During the two day summit last week in Vancouver on the Future of Libraries so many issues emerged, and so many thoughtful responses. I note here some of the issues but guest bloggers will contribute more context and elaboration, even a few answers, over the next few weeks… The future is not what it used […]

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The Future of Libraries: Do We Have Five Years to Live?

Tuesday and Wednesday, November 12-13, 2013, Vancouver A two-day institute for CEOs and University/College Librarians, and their senior staff, to get beyond the nostalgia, platitudes and cliches and explore the significant challenges facing library leaders. A unique program planned by and for public library CEOs/Directors and University Librarians and their senior staff. In a world filled with […]

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A Unique Opportunity

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