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Three Reasons We Struggle to Measure Value

There have been a number of spin-offs from my original posting on the advocacy efforts of the Toronto Public Library. You may recall that I despaired at the lack of attention to even the most basic principles of effective advocacy and influence: Why Toronto Public Library Staff Gave Me Indigestion, Part I – Library Leadership […]

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Yes! Developing our Influence

Robert Cialdini’s work on Influence: Science and Practice (5th edition, Pearson, 2009) expands on his six principles for the psychology of persuasion: Reciprocity; Liking; Social Proof; Authority; Scarcity; and Commitment and Consistency. These are presented in greater detail in the previous blog posting. It is well worth reading for his theoretical and research foundations. If […]

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Advocacy and Influence

A team of researchers from three countries is examining how elected politicians and their senior administrators make decisions about funding and policy. We started looking at the effectiveness of advocacy for libraries and soon realized that our examination was backwards—we should look at why and how decisions are made and then match advocacy efforts to […]

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