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Top 10 Elite Job Interview Questions

As CEOs and HR directors focus more on leadership, leadership potential and leadership development, we might consider some of these questions. Remember that interview questions should rarely be asked simply for curiosity. There are usually expected answers, but less factual information or looking for the “one right answer” than insights to analysis, evaluation and presentation. […]

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Social Innovation with Libraries

You have no doubt seen this video of an innovative approach to encouraging the use of stairs. If you haven’t seen it, take a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbWjcNyOrk4 So, I started wondering how we could marry these innovations with the challenge of developing nimble, flexible organizational cultures (panthers rather than elephants to quote a colleague). We seem […]

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What is the Next Generation of Libraries?

Thomas Frey, futurist and executive director of the DaVinci Institute, worked with more than 300 library and municipal leaders recently to begin a conversation focused on libraries and cities preparing together for the future. The event was hosted by the Fraser Valley (British Columbia) Regional Library (FVRL). There are a number of converging forces that […]

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Innovate to Thrive

Guest Posting by Jacqueline van Dyk Charles Leadbeater is a leading authority on innovation in public services. He served as an advisor to Tony Blair. In 2003, he wrote a book called Overdue in which he stated “Unless decisive action is taken now, the decline of our public libraries could become terminal by the end […]

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Three Ingredients for Innovation

Guest Posting by Jacqueline van Dyk Innovation has been a buzzword in library circles for the past few months – Ken Haycock has written about it, and it was the theme of the Ontario Library Association’s recent conference. You’ll be hearing more about innovation, I’m sure. And it’s not just in libraries; it’s everywhere, all […]

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Can We Teach Innovation?

Increasingly, innovation is seen as a key to survival as libraries seek to reposition and rebrand themselves. But who leads innovation? What do successful innovators look like? How do you develop a culture of innovation? Five Habits of Mind In The Innovator’s DNA, Harvard researcher Clay Christensen suggests that there are five habits of mind […]

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Three Ways to Focus on Self-Improvement

How do you become a better boss? How do you develop stronger leadership abilities? If leadership is primarily an act of social influence designed to people toward a common goal (any dispute there?), then leadership and management become a series of paradoxes. You are personally accountable, yet rely on the work of others. You need […]

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Building a Better Manager

How do you determine what makes a great branch manager? The results would be fairly obvious, I suspect… along the lines of have a clear vision and strategy for your team, help staff with career development, be productive and results-oriented… All standard stuff. Well, Google found the same results but they took a more methodical […]

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Maximize the Potential of Your Public Library

You may be aware of this new report, but if not: The International City/County Management Association has released their study Maximize the Potential of Your Public Library. Their general recommendations are quite good. Here is the description: Learn how public libraries can help local governments tackle critical community priorities such as economic development, public safety, […]

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