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Leadership vs. Management

Where are the leaders? Where are the managers? John Kotter recently considered once again the issue of management vs. leadership. Kotter is well known in this area and for his work on leading change. (See: http://kenhaycock.com/resources/recommended-titles/). The interview reminded me once again that the confusion around these two terms is massive, and that misunderstanding gets […]

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It’s Not What You Say…

Over the next few weeks we will be unveiling a new website with new resources and more information. Our connections with social media will be better integrated and coordinated. The blog will also have a new look and distribution. However, the content and tone of the blog will be largely unchanged. A few months ago I […]

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What Constitutes a Sissy?

Several of my colleagues have urged me not to use this posting. They think that nothing will change as a result of it other than that the same behavior will continue. They are probably right but here goes regardless. I recently (May 10th, 2011) posted a summary of the Google study on Becoming a Better […]

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Three Ways to Focus on Self-Improvement

How do you become a better boss? How do you develop stronger leadership abilities? If leadership is primarily an act of social influence designed to people toward a common goal (any dispute there?), then leadership and management become a series of paradoxes. You are personally accountable, yet rely on the work of others. You need […]

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Building a Better Manager

How do you determine what makes a great branch manager? The results would be fairly obvious, I suspect… along the lines of have a clear vision and strategy for your team, help staff with career development, be productive and results-oriented… All standard stuff. Well, Google found the same results but they took a more methodical […]

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Mentorship has changed over the past few years. Two of the biggest changes that I have observed have been the movement from one mentor to more of a “board of directors” and the change from age- and experience-based mentorship to more of a recognition that there is much to be learned from younger colleagues once […]

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