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Top 10 Elite Job Interview Questions

As CEOs and HR directors focus more on leadership, leadership potential and leadership development, we might consider some of these questions. Remember that interview questions should rarely be asked simply for curiosity. There are usually expected answers, but less factual information or looking for the “one right answer” than insights to analysis, evaluation and presentation. […]

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How to Close Down Conversations

Knowing library culture, I probably should have known better. Two weeks ago I posted some “thoughtful questions” about library conferences and accountability. Nothing wrong with that. But then I went to a library conference. Went with a dozen or so graduate students to discuss professional socialization and trend-spotting. Invited association leaders to speak to them […]

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Library CEO Networking

Library CEO Networking Tip of the Year

I have recommended Work the Pond and Positive Networking in the past. I found this Top Tip of the Year particularly compelling, especially as an educator and mentor to newer professionals. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if library CEOs had to beat off new librarians instead of wondering about their experiences? Top Library CEO Networking Tip Of The Year […]

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Building a Better Manager

How do you determine what makes a great branch manager? The results would be fairly obvious, I suspect… along the lines of have a clear vision and strategy for your team, help staff with career development, be productive and results-oriented… All standard stuff. Well, Google found the same results but they took a more methodical […]

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Mentorship has changed over the past few years. Two of the biggest changes that I have observed have been the movement from one mentor to more of a “board of directors” and the change from age- and experience-based mentorship to more of a recognition that there is much to be learned from younger colleagues once […]

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