What is Organizational Development?

Organization development is a systematic process of implementing change and improving capacity. Our objective is to improve organization organizational capacity to develop both internal processes and respond to opportunities for community and relationship building. We especially focus on strategic human resources management and aligning people with results. This includes improved staff development and training, better interpersonal and group processes, effective communication, ability to cope with organizational problems of all kinds, outcomes-based decision processes, appropriate leadership styles, skill in dealing with conflict, and higher productivity and positivity among organizational members.

Our Approach and Services to Organizational Development

Our approach begins with an articulation of research-based best practices. We rely on evidence, evidence of what leads to results and evidence of the view of organizational members. This requires the engagement of leaders, managers and staff to ensure that perceptions are matched against research and evidence as well as intended results. We this begin by reflecting the organization to itself. We have worked with many organizations on their leadership and organizational challenges. Ken helps develop positive and productive cultures, and coaches leaders to manage change and develop managers.

Critical questions in Organizational Development include:

  • What is the unique value proposition?
  • What is the competitive advantage?
  • What is the unique differentiator?
  • How does the organization want to be positioned and perceived in the community?

We focus on a clear vision, achievable mission, key success factors and strong relationships with funders and decision-makers.

Organizational Development Sample Projects

  • Review of Organizational Structures for Strategic Alignment, Innovation,Responsibilities, Accountability.
  • Succession management plans for libraries.
  • Compensation reviews.
  • Program and performance reviews.
  • Interim CEO.
  • Human Resources, Performance and Cultural Audits.
  • Executive coaching and mentoring.
  • Financial reviews.
  • Team Development and Coaching (we are certified by Team Coaching International) with seven criteria for productivity and seven criteria for positivity or connectedness
  • Sample speeches, presentations, training sessions, webinars:
    • Aligning Libraries and Communities
    • Aligning Structure and Strategy
    • Best Practices in Youth Services, Information Literacy, etc.
    • Change Management
    • Collaboration and Partnerships
    • Organizational Culture: Priority #1
    • Organizational Development
    • Selecting and Hiring for Talent: What You Need to Know

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